Initiation of a Website with the Use of HTML

Published: Mar 17, 2010

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Familiarity with HTML is necessary for setting up of the website. Its simple to know and learn HTML Hence, without delaying further, one should follow a few simple steps in order to create one’s own web page.

Discovering an appropriate topic to suit ones purpose: There are innumerable that one write upon. Hence, one must choose one's topic carefully, something that interests him or her before proceeding to write articles on it.

Determination of the tools that one is going to make use of during the creation of the web page: The basic requirement of writing a web page is a text editor or an HTML editor. One also requires pictures, graphics, graphics program and a clip art In order to get the pages and images from the computer to the Web Server, one also necessitates an FTP server.

Learning of HTML or editing software that one wishes to use: It is true that many people successfully create websites or pages without making an attempt to learn HTML. Learning of HTML is a simple process and using it might aid in solving some problems that one's editor might cause.
The html codes that helps in the creation of web pages

<p> - This is the marker for a paragraph. This tag helps in making distinction between groups of text with an extra space. The closing tag is important for XHTML that is valid.

<h#> - This is the marker used for heading. This tag aids in the creation of headings of different sizes. If one replaces the#-sign with a number from 1-6, the </h#> closing tag is of utmost requirement.

<hr/> - This is the rule tag for drawing horizontal lines. This tag aids in the drawing of a line across the screen. The length can be changed with the addition of the width attribute. For example, <hr width="70%"/>. The closing tag is absent in this case.

<br/> - This is the tag used for breaks. This is used when one wants to end a line and the text to initiate once again on the next line. This also does not have any closing tag.

<strong> - This is the tag used to make texts bold. The closing tag is necessary in this case.

<em> - This is known as the italics tag. This tag is used to italicize texts. The closing tag, </em> is of necessity for this.

<html> - This is the HTML tag and this should be the starting tag on the web page. The concluding tag on the webpage should be the closing </html> tag. These tags help in informing the browser that the user is doing work with an HTML document.

Rating: 2/5

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