How to Find, Compare and Evaluate Different Hosting Plans

Published: Mar 16, 2010

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If you are new to web hosting and your aim is to put your web site online it can get confusing. It requires technical knowledge which you may not have. Many hosting directories are nothing more than online billboards filled with flashing ads and marketing hype. You may find it difficult choose the best web hosting company. To clarify your doubts you can read information on the working of the web.

The following points will help you choose the best hosting company:

1) Choose the hosting plans that cover your needs - If your need is for a simple site any web hosting plan will do. There are guides to web hosting that can help you with your site.

2) Evaluate the plan in detail
- There will be a multitude of plans in the web hosting market, but you need to find a suitable one for a good price.

3) Request for quotes
- Request for quotes from the web hosts and inform them about your website. You can then evaluate the replies the hosts give you and base your decisions on that.

How to evaluate different plans

Price - Get the price to match your requirements, do not overpay.

Reliability (Uptime) - You want your website to actually be available. All web hosts have downtime from time to time. A little downtime, as long as it does not hurt revenue, is fine.

Customer Support - To have an undisturbed setup of your website you should have 24/7 support and telephone support so that only plans that offer this level of support are returned in the results. If you have a very important web site then getting fast and responsive customer service is a must. Cheaper plans tend to have a lower level of support.

Make the right decision

If your website is an important business then it is necessary to take time and evaluate the plans in detail. You can ask websites hosted by the web host and get their true opinion. For less important sites do not waste time and use your judgment and choose the web host. 

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