Things to Think about When Designing Your Website

Published: Mar 19, 2010

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One should have one’s creative faculty take over others while designing a website. A website can be designed in three distinct ways: self designing it using one’s own creative skills, purchasing of a pre-designed template and using that in order to design one’s own or hiring a web designer. The choice depends on the experience one has on the related field and the time one is willing to spend in designing a website. Each choice comes with their respective advantages and disadvantages. In any case, one has to follow certain guidelines prior to the construction of a website.

Follies to be avoided

Let us bring into the focus the commonest of the mistakes that people often commit while designing a website .Avoiding these commonly made mistakes, one can often lead to the development  and operation of a successful website.

Inferior navigation

Among innumerable issues that must be taken into consideration while designing a website, the most important one is the navigation of the website. For instance, one has to think about the most appropriate method of designing the menus in the website .One has to decide whether the menus should be written vertically or horizontally or may be both ways. One should have look on the other websites in operation in order to get an understanding of the latest trends. One should take care of the fact that using excessive links and images can lead to   the confusion of the visitors as to the correct place to click in order to access the relevant materials.

Over usage of bandwidth

 It is necessary to keep a check on the bandwidth in spite of getting quality hosting that supports the website. This becomes truer when one clogs one's site with an excessive amount of heavy graphics and images. One must also keep in mind that the visitors checking the website might not have the same internet speed as the one designing it. Hence, jamming the site with too many images might slow down the speed required to open the site. This might result in visitors quitting the site and leaving it unopened.

Unnecessary complexity

 Being user friendly is one of the essential requirements of the website and jamming it with too many graphics and imagery is actually inessential .One should resist the temptation of using Flash in one's site since Flash files require an additional plug-in to view it. It is not indexed by the search spiders. This might become problematic for the visitors. If one cannot resist using Flash, then one must also complement it with readable file alongside it.

Tips to enhance the website

After having knowledge of the three steps that one should try to avoid while launching a website, we should now focus our attention to two tips that might enhance the website. One must follow these tips and should also try to implement them while designing the website.

Creation of pages

 It is a brainless job but the greater the number of content read pages, the greater is the chance of the website getting indexed by the search spiders. One thing that must be kept in mind is that the site should be easily navigated and too many content and pages might create problems. Hence one should add content when it has a purpose. Adding content simply for the sake of showing off the quantity of materials serves no purpose.

Internal linkage

The second most important point that one should keep in mind is to increase the user friendliness of the website. This can be done by creating and adding natural links internally. If this is carried out in a proper manner, the visitors will be able to surf your site to get the relevant information and even much more. Internal link is good while working with SEOs as search spiders like to look for relevant links. One must use relevant keywords and phrases while linking internally instead of making people give instructions such as "click here" and things like that.


Rating: 5/5

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