The use of Web Hosting Control Panels

Published: Mar 15, 2010

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Hosting is the process where you store all your data in a server with a unique address and this plays a major role in making changes to the existing one. This process is done using a control panel which plays a crucial role in keeping your data secure and safe allowing only the user to handle. This control panel is the one which helps you in providing solutions for email accounts, managing your domains, data base, site statistics, promotion tools and a lot more. The control section plays a crucial role for a Internet-site possessor and mostly used by webhosting clients for managing the different websites and managing them accordingly.

Best Web Hosting understanding

Control panel as the name suggests is the one which is used to control and manage websites which is user friendly and easily manageable. Today there are many such control panels akin to cPanel plus WHM. These are the latest technology and you can do everything that you need with it as it is user-friendly GUI. These panels offer you the privilege of controlling the different websites, controlling your domains, storage space and all the services and applications that help to optimize the website. Most of the control panel includes applications such as ftp connection, site builders, video tutorials, image managers, advance statistics, backup wizards, MySQL management and other services which may cost extra. They also come up with features which can help you upgrade the traditional ones.

Choosing the right Control Panel

Control Panel is a necessity for webhosting clients and there are different types of control panel to choose from depending on your requirements. There are some basic things that you got to take into account such as design and structure choices like fonts, themes, colors etc.

The operating system should support the cpanel and most of the webhosting panels support windows operating systems. Always ensure that the control panel that you are using supports all your requirements and applications that you wanted to use. If not you got to pay extra to avail advanced features.

CMS and Blog installation

The most important features that you should look for before you choose a cpanel is the Software/Services, add-ons offering pre-installed CGI scripts. These features helps you in display anything and everything that you need to such as a clock, countdown timer, form Mail, search engine, banners, graphics etc. One among the popular and widely used service is Fantastic which can help the user install applications like content management systems, blog applications, Joomla, PHP-Nuke, Drupal, website forms, e commerce applications, video and image galleries and there are options to configure php.

Administrating Databases

Among the other features the user has the liberty of adding, removing and managing databases in MySQL. He can do this through different procedures like accessing directly through the cpanel or with the use of a remote MySQL function. You can also administer php which is the latest development. Apart from the above features there are many added features such as the liberty of the user to customize the cpanel and the website related to it. He also has the option of creating personal error pages which you can use for further assistance. The user can also manage; image display and he can set command and scripts for activating and deactivating the features

E-mails accounts Management

With the help of the control panel the user has all the privileges. The user can create any number of emails required by him and he can manage all the created accounts by preventing them from spam with the help of Spam Assassin. He can also access the emails using the webmail functions as well as he can access any other functions which fulfill the users email experience.

Internet based FTP

The c panel has the ability to copy files and stock up files for the safety or in case of any other destruction through a wizard in the control panel which is particularly devoted for the website safety. The user also has the privilege to access the ftp files directly for managing, downloading, uploading files straight from the Internet explorer.

Limited Statistics

The user can monitor all aspects of his website using more than eight applications which include Webalizer, Latest Visitors, Bandwidth monitoring as well as Analog Stats plus Error Log. The log division of the control panel is the only thing which is limited in offering information based on the website. The common user will be able to access reporting to the basic information and values like the number of hits etc.

Your website security

The control panel has all variety of settings which deals with the security of the website which they can choose based on their requirements. The other advantages are offering remote logins and protected file convey between systems with options such as SSH, Password Protection, IP Blocking, message encryption in addition to decryption via private key through GnuPG Keys.

Control domains

The user has the rights to create or add as many sub domains that he requires and that to in easy steps. For assistance on the procedure there are many video tutorials available and they can help you understand the complete process before you could attempt to use any sort of functions.

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